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Lissa's started as  a bit of a dream that turned into a real life restaurant.  I worked from home and my husband hauls heavy equipment.  I felt isolated in all the digital conversations and socializing.  So I shared my dream with my husband, Matt,  and was blessed with his support.  We found this wonderful 1850's building and fell in love with, of all things, the ceiling!  It was the perfect place with a yard to go with it.  Originally, we opened as a coffee and wine shop with pastries and appetizers -- great conversation, foods, and drinks.  Now, we serve meals all day and host a wide range of events.  You can enjoy lots of events from book clubs to yoga.  As a  member of the Burleson Country Chamber of Commerce and  Caldwell Mainstreet, we are open during lots of Saturday activities.    We also accept  special request reservations for birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.    Come join us!


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