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Lissa's Is Proud to Introduce Booth Rental Spots
for Festivals and 2nd Saturdays!

We have up to 8 spots available!  All spots will have (should have) access to electricity.  Three spots will need a tent; 5 spots are under our new pavilion -- no tents required; we also have misters and fans that will/might be on.

Reservations for spots will be based upon the date/time the form is received.  Please specify if you want under the pavilion or not.

Rental Costs Kolache Festival; Hunter's Wife Weekend & Other Large Festivals: 

Full Day: (not under pavilion; need tent)  $100

Full Day: (under pavilion) $125

Rental Costs Regular 2nd Saturdays

1/2 Day (need tent; not under pavilion) $60

Full Day: (need tent; not under pavilion)  $100

1/2 Day (under pavilion) $75

Full Day: (under pavilion) $125

Click here to take you to a form to complete!

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