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Lissa's is proud to offer party rentals for her space as well as booth rental spots for festivals and 2nd Saturdays!

Do you have a celebration coming up?  Have it at Lissa's!  We have a wonderful atmosphere for birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, celebrations of life and more!  And, weather permitting -- we can extend outdoors under our pavilion!

Coming Soon
ISO June 8
2nd Saturday Sales
Set Up -- 5:30 p.m.
(in conjunction with
The Summer Concert Series!


For booth spaces -- we have up to 7 spots available!  All spots will have access to electricity (bring your own cords).  Two spots will need a tent; 5 spots are under our new pavilion -- no tents required; we also have fans that we can turn on.  If it straddles the lunch hour, it is considered a full day.  NOTE:  June will be from 5:30 p.m. until end of dance!)

Reservations for spots will be based upon the date/time the form is received.  Please specify if you want under the pavilion or not.  Also, please tell us what you are planning on vending.

Rental Costs 

1/2 Day (need tent; not under the pavilion) $25

Full Day: (need tent; not under pavilion)  $50

1/2 Day (under pavilion) $35

Full Day: (under pavilion) $75

Evening:  $50.00

Click here to take you to a form to complete for party rentals and booth spaces.  Please be as specific as possible (TIA!)!

Additionally, please do not bring in any outside food or drinks..., we serve those as well and would like to promote Lissa's not other eateries!

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