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My name is Mollie

Welcome to my site!  Melissa has graciously allowed me to tag on to her shop's website!  Oh, and you can call me Mol

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Retiring after +/- 27 years of public teaching,  decided to retire and take some time off.  I became primary caregiver to my mom.  I also dabbled in MojiLife products and then eventually beading.  My shop was open one day a week...and I did some subbing -- which was a blast.  But then I looked and realized I was subbing 4-5 days a week!  And there was a reason I had gotten out of the classroom.  So Melissa has allowed me to open my booth several days a week!  I still sell my Moji Products, my beading, and now have moved into "Talking Out of Turn" products which include stationarys, calendars, journals, etc.  Find me inside Lissa's Restyled Sip & Shop.

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